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Experience Bali, yet completed without a Bungy Jump from magnificent tower. Hands down this jump spot is the most dramatic in the world.

AJ Hackett Bungy Tower is hard to miss. Simply look North past the busy beach scene, where locals and visitors alike indulge in the Bali lifestyle.

AJ Hacket is the innovator of Bungy Jumping with operations covering the globe. AJ has collected numerous awards for  tourism and safety throughout the world, including 8 different Guiness World Records. Opened in 1995 and has been running strong ever since. As the first and the only one in Bali, AJ Hackett will be pleased to offer you an unforgettable bungy experience. A unique jump-zone just a steps to the beautiful Legian beach with 45 meter bungy tower over 5 meter deep pool will  take you into the spectacular views from the top.

The Safety
As pioneers and market leaders in adventure tourism, AJ Hackett Bungy established the Code of Practice for bungy jumping in 1989. Now 19 years later, bungy companies around the world operate in accordance with the New Zealand “Code of Practice”.

There are three options to jump, during the afternoon for amazing views out over the beaches and surf. Or sunset for the most picture perfect bungy photo you will ever get, or in the dark as you party away around the tower. And offer a range of different jump styles including riding off the roof on a BMX push bike or even a real motorcycle it’s our little tribute to the master “Evil Knievel”.

Classic Jump
There is nothing regular about this, the classic bungy by the ankles, big swan dive out, arms spread, head up and eyes `wide open`. Great for water touches forwards or backwards for bit more excitement.

A great way to consummate a relationship and perfect for those who need a bit f support. Can be made as a first jump; you`re both strapped in and connected to the ankles.

Full Body Harness
Twice Jump, first a classic jump and then harness jump, strapped in for speed, full body harness. Take a run and launch into the oblivion, go again with attachment from the back to become the spider or feet first for heart stopping `elevator`.

Push Bike
Three times Jump; A classic Jump, Full Body Harness and then Push Bike, some say this is the wildest jump full body harness, helmet on and out with the kicker ramp.

Truly extreme jumping only available in Bali and once in a life time experience and safer than riding a motorbike on the street, the total package of bungy jumping, 1 time classic jump, 1 time harness, 1 time push bike then finally Motorbike jump.

Operation Days:

    * Open every day from 12pm-8pm.
    * Special night bungy every Friday and Saturday night from 2am-6am
    * Prime time to jump and best to pre book between 6pm-7pm.


The tour rate is based on per person
Activities / Tour ServicesPublished Our RateBOOK
Classic Jump
Full Body Harness 1 Classic and 1 Harness
107 BOOK
Tandem 2 People for 1 Jump.
136 BOOK
Push Bike 1 Classic, 1 Harness, and 1 Push Bike Jump
117 BOOK
Motorbike 1 Classic, 1 Harness, 1 Push Bike and 1 Motorbike
Rates Include:
  • Air-conditioned transfers to and from the guests hotels or accommodations
  • Modern Bungy equipment, 14mm nylon construction haul lines, all steel locking carabineers, dual attachment waist and ankle harnesses and/or full body harnesses
  • Electric elevator rides to the top of tower
  • Water touches in our 5m deep purpose built pool
  • Swimming pool facilities
  • Beach towels for use after water touches or swimming.
  • Total liability insurance of US$50,000 & medical coverage of S$5,000.
  • Jump masters trained to NZ/AUS 5848 standards.
  • Certificate of Bungy Jumping.
  • Jumpers addition T-shirt with completion of Jump.
  • Video of the jumper is available for purchase on DVD format (including 25 minute promotion of world wide Bungy sites)
  • Photos of the jumper are available for purchase burnt on to CD
  • All Bungy Jump crews  given in English and/or Indonesian
  • Cold drinks available for purchase from pool side bar
  • A range of AJ Hackett  clothing available for purchase
  • Jumpers membership card for 20% discount at all AJ Hackett Bungy sites.

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