Sea Walking

Have you ever feel walking at the bottom of the ocean and wondering what goes on, in there. Now... you can do it. You can walk right through the bottom of the ocean and witness the sea life of all kind. With our unique diving system, we will escort you to dive down deep...

Seawalker in Sea Walking


Have you imagine underwater experience without letting your head and face get wet, walk along the sea floor together with family, friends and be a witness all kind of the sea life. Well that experience is Seawalker. details...
Bali Marine Walk in Sea Walking

Bali Marine Walk

Imagine…You are walking at the ocean bed, admiring the beauty of the sea garden, colorful corals, playing with bright fishes, feeding them from your hand… and smiling. Marine Walk is the ONLY ONE activity in LEMBONGAN ISLAND!!! details...


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