The Umalas Equestrian Resort

Family Package |

Discover traditional village life, enjoy tranquil river banks and lush rice paddies, center at surf`s edge on the beautiful south west coast of Bali.

And all the while feel safe, comfortable and confident, knowing you`re riding with The Umalas Equestrian Resort, Bali`s only professional stables and riding school.

The Umalas Equestrian Resort, Situated near the beach in the lush green rice fields of Kerobokan is the most comprehensive riding facility on the island. Every visitor is greeted with the beautiful smile of the friendly Balinese people. Umalas stable thirty-two horses thoroughbreds, Warm-Bloods, Stock Horses and Thoroughbred Crosses, as well as ponies of different breeds. Some of horses are imported from Australia and Europe, to provide a selection of disciplines and sizes to suit every rider`s needs. High quality English tack ensures safety and comfort for every ride. Qualified European and local instructors teach beginners through to advanced riders. Dressage and Show Jumping lessons are held in our riding hall and outdoor arena.

The guests can enjoy rides along Bali`s beautiful beaches and through the lush rice terraces of local villages. Riders of all levels can uniquely experience traditional Balinese life viewed from horseback and will take home unforgettable memories of magical rides in the land of the smiles.

Riding School
The Umalas Equestrian Resort offer everyone who would like to learn to ride even children through lunge lessons, vaulting, dressage and riding camps and give them the opportunity to bond with the horses. The Umalas Equestrian Resort also provide a riding hall and an outdoor arena. The outdoor arena has stunning views of Bali`s beautiful rice paddies and our riding hall allows to ride even on a rainy day.

Sawah Indah
A half hour beautiful rice field tour. An enjoyable ramble through rural Umalas, passing along a quiet river bank, through a village and cross rice paddies before returning to the stables.

Tepi Laut
Two hours sea shore tour. Discover Blainese rural life, enjoy the trees and shadows along the river, see a brilliant green rice paddies. Once you reach the coast you will turn north or south according to beach conditions and canter in the sea spray.

Pasir Pantai
Three hours beach tour. like the tepi laut tour. passing through balinese village and farming   communities, then meander along a tree-lined river bank. When you reach the coast, you will canter along the sea edge north, then pass through lush rice fields, and enjoy refreshment a boutique hotel right on the coast.

Daily Program:

    * Lunging or dressage lessons in the hall available from 07.00- 12.00, 14.00-18.00
    * Morning Tour : 08:00 - 11:00
    * Midday Tour : 10:30 - 11:30
    * Afternoon Tour : 15:00 - 18:30

All tours are accompanied by one or more expert horsemen. Beginner riders can be led on the tours. For rider comfort, we recommend wearing long pants and strong shoes.


The tour rate is based on per person
Activities / Tour ServicesPublished Our RateBOOK
Dressage Lesson
Show Jumping Lesson
Beginner Lunge Lesson
Half Hour Rice Field Tours
Two Hours Beach Tour
Three Hours Beach Tours
Rates Include:
  • Helmets, leg protectors and safety instruction
  • Fully trained guides or instructors supervising the activity
  • Trained horses suitable for each guest`s individual riding ability and experience
  • Insurance liability covered.
  • Rate is per person for minimum of 2 persons
  • Hotel pick up service will cost an additional charge

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