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The name of Bedugul is derived from a legend about a giant, Sindhu Srama, who in his travels took a rest at this place. There is Bratan lake there, its  waters covers the  yard of a temple at the West part of the lake. This temple, the temple of Ulun Danu, is dedicated to the goddess of water, Dewi Danu.   Bedugul`s cool western highlands mostly consist of volcanic areas. Lake Bratan, one of the three lakes that make up the Bedugul resort area. The area has the last remaining tropical forest on the island. The tranquil botanical gardens of `Kebun Raya` in Bedugul are home to 650 species of trees and a unique collection of ferns and orchids.

For visitor who want to play golf amongst the chirps and screams of waild animals there is a golf course provided at the hilly village of Pancasari ( pahn-cha sah-ree), 5 kilometers down the road from Bedugul towards Singaraja. One can stay evernight at the bungalows as well as the wooden cottages nearby the lake.

Bedugul Bali Hotels Area

Saranam Eco Resort in Bedugul Bali

Saranam Eco Resort

Conveniently located in the midst of the tourist destination in the middle of Bali island. The starting point to discover the inner beauty of tropical forests & traditional villages.


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